Monday, April 5, 2010

Theories and Spoilers for omen of the star #2

  • Breezepelt and Heathertail will NOT become mates
  • Poppyfrost will have Berrynose as a mate in the first book, and two kits at the end, a tom and a she-kit
  • Cinderpelt was in love with Firestar, Cinderheart has a vague crush on him
  • Brightheart will have an apprentice
  • Brambleclaw will NOT succede Firestar as leader of Thunderclan
  • Dovekit is the Fourth Apprentice
  • Hollyleaf is most likely alive
  • Hollyleaf HAD powers until Outcast, when she became the non-power of the Three.
  • Leafpool is no longer a medicine cat and is still residing in Thunderclan
  • Pinestar is NOT Firestar's father; Jake is Firestar's father
  • There is no connection between Dove's Wing and Dovekit
  • Lionblaze will have a mate
  • Heathertail is still in love with Lionblaze
  • Ivypaw is jealous of her sister, which may drive her to insanity/Tigerstar/Hollyleaf
  • Leopardstar will die in Fading Echoes, the second book
  • Mistyfoot will, at long last, become Mistystar
  • Reedwhisker is Mistystar's deputy and son
  • Dawnpelt, Flametail, and Tigerheart will play an important role with Tigerstar
  • Purdy will stay in Thunderclan
  • Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight will not have kits
  • The scene with Ashfur, Squirrelflight, and the Three was written befor Power of Three
  • Goldenflower died in her sleep between Sunset and The Sight
  • Stormfur and Brook have kits
  • Leopardstar was in love with Tigerstar

So here are some more spoilers that were dug up.

  • The Power of Three may go back in time to change the future of the Clans for the best
  • Hollyleaf is alive, confirmed by Vicky Holmes
  • Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are having a LOT of issues, so Ferncloud might set up a counciling den
  • And unexpected cat might be chosen as leader. The Erins might try to trick us into thinking its not Lionblaze, though it probably is Cinderheart
  • Sorreltail might die
  • Firestar's death scene is already written and planned
  • OOTS will probably have more violence
  • With more violence, there will probably be more deaths
  • The Tribe of Rushing Water will make a reappearence
  • Half Moon and the other Ancients will reappear also

So here's some theories and spoilers.

Fading Echoes spoilers

  • Briarpaw's warrior name is Briarlight
  • Longtail died
  • Russetfur died from Lionblaze ramming into her. She was weak and fragile from sickness.
  • Ivypaw is easily manipulated and stupid
  • Mousefur is somewhere in the 17-19 yr. old range
  • Briarlight is the young warrior who gets crushed by a fallen tree and gets her back legs paralyzed. She also gets a life-threatening cough
  • Firestar finds out about the Power of Three
  • Ivypaw gets jealous when Dovepaw gets all the attention
  • Ivypaw thinks that Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, and co. are all Starclan cats
  • Ivypaw got a mission from Tigerstar
  • There will be a battle between Thunderclan and Shadowclan over the piece of turf that Firestar gave Blackstar in the beginning, but that Firestar took back, igniting the battle
  • Russetfur dies
  • Firestar loses a life
  • Ivypaw is either evil or confused and jealous
  • Ivypaw led the Thunderclan/Shadowclan battle
  • Firestar FINALLY got his game on again
  • Mistyfoot becomes Mistystar
  • Lion♥Cinder, Tiger♥Dove, Toad♥Blossom, Rose♥Fox
  • There was a hint of Ivy♥Toad
  • Ivypaw and Blossompaw do not get along that well
  • Jayfeather has a scene with Starclan
  • Mousefur feels really guilty for Briarlight's accident and Longtail's death
  • There is humorous humor in Fading Echoes
  • Russetfur was sickly and weak
  • The allegiances and the book say two different things! Bumblepaw's name on the allegiances is Bumbleflight, but in reality it's Bumblestripe
  • The book ends at the end of the battle between Thunderclan and Shadowclan
  • Longtail, Mousefur, and Briarlight went on an excursion together. A tree fell, killing Longtail and breaking Briarlight's back
  • The book gives the description of Night whispers not a sneek peek.
  • Mousefur says stupid things that make longtail die like"but if i leave my moss it will get wet!" or "i cant leave my mouse behind!" and she makes longtail go in to get them
  • Jayfeather, Spottedleaf, and Yellowfang go to the dark forest to visit tigerstar because he is training warrior from the clans (breezepelt, tigerheart,..)
  • Jayfeather finds out how brokenstar is yellowfang's son and does not trust her anymore.
  • Jayfeather see's starclan without dying.
  • Firestar only has three lives left. When Jaystar visits five of his lives are there but then after the battle with shaddowclan he only has three left.
  • Mousefur gets cranky after Longtail died and she says stuff like "I should have died while getting the mouse myself".
  • Firestar finds out about the three and gives Dovepaw special treatment and Ivypaw gets jellouse.
  • Dovepaw falls in love with tigerheart.
  • Tigerheart has been on thunderclan territory without his clan knowing Dovepaw is keeping his secret.
  • Breezepelt wants to kill Crowfeather for betraying him.
  • Poppyfrost's kits names are cherrykit and molekit

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Night Whispers Cover and Description

"The deadly battle between ThunderClan and ShadowClan is finally over. Now the three cats who are prophesied to hold the power of the stars in their paws—Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovepaw—are more determined than ever to stop the flow of evil into ThunderClan. But they will soon discover that this evil comes from places even StarClan can’t reach."

I think it would be really cool if Hollyleaf is still alive but I have a feeling that the Hunters would take advantage and make her a new enemy for warriors or another tigerstar. That would be kinda sad but i read somewhere that she is alive but she is sol's mate. I am in the middle of reading Fading Echoes right now and when it talks about the "deadly battle between thunderclan and shaddowclan" it will be because ivypaw who is jelouse of her sister dovepaw has a dream from Hawkfrost and Tigerstar of the dark forest trying to get her on their side for the great battle and they tell her that shaddowclan are trying to drive thunderclan out of the forest but instead of telling firestar that the dream is from The Dark Forest she tells him that it is from Starclan. (firestar looses a life in this battle and he only has four lives left or was it three well i will tell u that later so after the battle many warriors are injured and Blackstar stars at firestar and tells him that he did not have to have this battle that the piece of land that shaddowclan took was not worth the warriors also the shaddowclan deputy dies in this battle. Okay, this may sound creepy, but what if the Dark Forest cats take...possession of the Shadowclan cats' bodies and...wreak havoc. It's really creepy, but it could be true. Okay, this may sound creepy, but what if the Dark Forest cats take...possession of the Shadowclan cats' bodies and...wreak havoc. It's really creepy, but it could be true.

Warrior cats omen of the stars spoilers

1. Tigerpaw's warrior name will be Tigerheart ( thank God it will not be Tigerclaw)
2. Toadkit won't be a medicine cat apprentice.
3. Ravenpaw's manga triology will be released sometime around the Skyclan super edition.
4. The fourth apprentice and the third cat in the profiecy is Dovepaw (Ivypaw is not happy about this.)
5. The omen of the stars is from Ivypaw, Dovepaw, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather's point of view.
6. Leafpool is still in Thunderclan but she is no longer a medicine cat only a warrior.
7. Leopardstar dies in book two: Fading Echoes and Mistyfoot (Mistystar) takes her place.
8. Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight will probably never have kits Vicky said that there was, "too much water under the bridge."
9. Icepaws warrior name will be Icecloud and Foxpaws warrior name will be Foxleap.
10. Beavers will dam up the lake there for draining the water. They will also be represented as an enemy in The fourth apprentice.
11. Hollyleaf was never part of the prophecy and never had a power.
12. :'( Firestar will die the hunters have been writing a death scene for him.
13. Heathertail and Breezepelt are not in love, Heathertail is still in love with Lionblaze. ^_^
14. The dark forest will play a part in omen of the stars.
15. There may be a fifth series.
16. Heathertail was not the one who revealed the tunneles to Windclan, it was the rescued kits.
17. Mistystar's deputy will be reedwhisker (her kit).
18. Leafpool and Crowfeather will cross paths but it is unlikely that they will ever get back together, even as friends.
19. Bluestars prophecy releases July 28, 2oo9
20. The fourth apprentice releases Novem.
ber 24,2009
21. Fading echoes releases March 24, 2o1o and did you also know that they were going to use ivypaw as the fourth apprentice check out the unofficial cover at google
22. Dovepaw and Tigerheart will fall in love.
23. Either Cinderheart or Icecloud will become Lionblazes mate.
24. the dark forest have been training real cats Tigerstar has already starrted training Breezepelt, and Tigerheart.
25. Breezepelt will use his power from tigerstar to kill Crowfeather and other cats that he dislikes.
26. Hollyleaf will come back but many say she will become sol's mate and be another enemy.
27. Alot of people belive Hollyleaf will be the next tigerstar.
28. Blackstar will be acting more kind and sweet he even invites the cats from the journey that stop the beavers to come and eat some prey.
29. Lionblaze whispers to Jayfeather and Dovepaw "who are you and what have you done to blackstar."
30. There will be a battle between thunderclan and shaddowclan because ivypaw was told by tigerstar that shaddowclan what to exterminate thuncerclan from the forest.
40. Dovepaws warrior name will be dovewing and ivypaws warrior name will be ivytail (that is just my opinion just a idea! SO DO NOT COPY MY THEORY AND CALL IT YOUR OWN!)
41. something not many warrior fans know is that the fourth book in omen of the stars will be called the sign of the moon! and i am one of the first to know! And i read somewhere that it will have to do with the tribe.